About Me

Well, hello!

I'm Nathalia! I craft punchy, personality-packed copy for businesses large and small across multiple digital touchpoints.

My writing style can be traced back to my drama-queen-like tendencies I picked up as a child. I was a musical theater geek, wrote short stories in my free time, and pretended my life was a movie. Maybe it's the Pisces in me, but I've always been a head-in-the-clouds type of gal, listening to my attitude-packed internal monologue narrate my life.

Copywriting is my cup of tea. And I serve it hot.

In a previous life, I was a vegan. But not like a regular vegan. I was a hot-headed vegan; the kind with a "no chill" attitude that would bite at every given opportunity. So, I started a blog called That Vegan Bitch. I wrote from the stance of a pissed off animal lover who really obsessed over her vegetables and wanted others to feel the same.

Fast forward a few years: the vegan diet didn't exactly stick, but the love of writing did. I realized I could be creative, witty, sarcastic, funny, and personable with my words to spark something in readers.

It was this experience that ushered me into the world of writing for brands, specifically honing in on their unique tones and personalities. Safe to say, the days of being a drama queen have paid off (TBH... they've never really ended).

I learned to tap into my internal monologue, capture that loud voice that couldn't be ignored, and distill it into everything I write. And now, I get to do this for like-minded businesses who dig what I dig, ya dig? I'm alllllll about showering businesses (like yours!) with the royal copy treatment they deserve.

Take a glimpse into my process.

First, find the fit

Before taking on any new project, it's important that I determine whether or not I'm the right partner for what you'd like to accomplish.

Do some digging

With my trench coat, pipe, and fedora in hand, I conduct the investigation into you, your business goals, your brand's identity, and your target audience.

Weave the words together

Once I've got the full scoop, I hit the lab and get writing. Your brand's identity, target audience, and goals are glued to me throughout the entire copywriting process.

Some fun facts.

  • 01.
    I'm a devoted cat mom to the world's two cutest Bengal cats: Jake and Lucy.
  • 02.
    My bucket list is simple: visit every Whole Foods Market in every state in the US.
  • 03.
    I don't care how hot it is outside—I'm still eating soup.
  • 04.
    I speak three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and hope to add French and Japanese to that list some day.
  • 05.
    I firmly believe a bowl of rice and beans is the best dish to exist. Period.

Let's be friends.

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