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Voice-over script
The client was an organic coffee brand seeking a script for their social responsibility marketing video. With coffee plantations in the Amazon rainforest and surrounding lands, ethical farming practices are at the core of their business. The purpose of the voice-over script was to highlight the company's efforts to protect and improve the indigenous people and lands of the Amazon, as well as its surrounding neighbors. The client asked that the coffee brand's name remain anonymous. Here's the script:

Every day we have a choice. A choice to do good for ourselves and those around us. At ___ we believe that the choices we make set the course for a more sustainable future.
We choose to cultivate our coffee beans with a purpose—to give back, commit to our roots, and tend to the soil we stand on.
We choose to preserve and protect the indigenous lands and tribes of the Amazon; to nourish all life that flows through the great rainforest.
We choose to work with integrity, and blend social responsibility in each bag of our specialty organic coffee.
Our farm-to-cup model brings our vision of transparency, conservation, and contribution to life. Our coffee beans bring so much more than a deeply rich, comforting aroma and flavor. With every bag purchased, your contribution directly improves the lives dependent on the Amazonian region.
___'s purpose is rooted in its vow to the Earth. As a Rainforest Alliance Certified company, we’re fighting deforestation of the lush Amazon, and paving the way to avert the effects of climate change. Our UTZ Certified sustainable farming methods leave a small footprint amongst our neighbors in the Amazon. We follow a careful farming practice, using a modest amount of fertilizers, pesticides, water, and energy.
Along the borders of Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia lies the Amazon Uncontacted Frontier. Our efforts to protect the indigenous uncontacted tribes begins in the frontier itself. We support our partners working to stop corporations from exploiting these historic and natural lands.
Our Justice and Peace building efforts financially support partners raising awareness of slave labor, reporting cases, providing legal counsel, and protecting victims.In the coming seasons, ___ plans to partner with projects that will provide equality for education. This will create high wages for farmers, education for children, access to medical care, and special after-school programs for students.
Finally, ___ aims to fund projects preserving the Marine Mammals Sanctuary Bancos de la Plata and Navidad, the first protected area for marine mammals in the Dominican Republic and Atlantic Ocean.
We believe in providing a better tomorrow with every batch of coffee harvested. ___ is committed to its promise of sustainability, transparency, and stewardship towards indigenous lands and communities.
We choose to do good with every cup. What will you choose?
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