Case Study: Kitchen

Kitchen is a project-client-communication platform that helps small teams organize all conversations, payments, and deliverables in one place. I was contacted by Kitchen's Co-Founder and CEO to establish their brand voice and write for the new Kitchen website ahead of its launch.

The Challenge

How do you make software Or build hype around a product while explaining the tech specs? The benefits of Kitchen were obvious: keep everything together so teams can work on projects without running in circles, and clients stay happy.

We had to present Kitchen as the one-of-a-kind product that it is. It's not a project management platform, and it's not a team management platform. It's a life-saver for teams juggling multiple clients and projects at the same time.

Finding the Brand Voice

Kitchen was created by a team of web designers and developers who simply wanted a better way to keep up with their clients. As natural problem-solvers and evident bootstrappers, we landed on a unique brand personality that captured the spirit and energy of the Kitchen team:

The Eccentric Go-Getter

We took inspiration from a real-life, eccentric go-getter: Gary Vaynerchuk. We decided to go without all the cuss words for Kitchen's brand language, and channeled the infectious energy that Gary brings to every video, conversation, or social media post.

"Keep clients in the know and out of your hair."

The Result:

For Kitchen's website, the headlines were written with a nice sprinkle of the "eccentric go-getter" flavor, while getting specific on the product features in the body copy. The key was to explain the product's features as clearly and simply as possible so nothing was lost on the reader, and they could grasp the benefits really quickly.

For more, check out the full Kitchen website at

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