Should you hire a Copywriter or Content Writer?

If you're browsing the Internet in search of a skilled wordsmith to help you sell your products, publish blogs to your website, or craft double-take worthy headlines, you're probably typing these two titles into the search tab: copywriter, or content writer.

Copywriters almost always get confused for content writers, and vice versa. Sure, both can put letters, spaces, and punctuation marks together, but the results they produce are not the same.

Copywriters and content writers work with different goals in mind. So depending on what you need those words to do, you might want to figure out who's the best person to write them.

Copy vs. Content

Let's kick things off by getting to know copy and content.

Copy is written communication used to push people towards a desired action or raise awareness of a brand. Examples of copy include taglines, mission statements, landing pages, and email campaigns.

Content, on the other hand, is used to share information and build an audience. Content can take many forms aside from the written word, like photos, videos, and graphics. Blog posts, podcasts, and infographics are all pieces of content.

Here's where things might get confusing. Copy is content, but content is not copy. They're more like close cousins. They've got different styles, personalities, and looks. (Plus, one's a little hotter than the other.)

Why should you hire a Copywriter?

Copywriters help businesses sell their products or services, and tell people why they're better than the competition, and why they're worth keeping around. You can usually find Copywriters in the marketing, advertising, and branding spaces—or right here in this blog post. 😉

Copywriters are intentional, persuasive, and personal with their words. Their messages speak with a distinct tone of voice to grab the audience's attention and compel them to buy, click, or share.

Writing copy involves out-of-body experiences. Specifically, fully tapping into a target audience's personalities, behaviors, and interests, and using their language back to them. Copywriters craft messages with people they've never met in mind.

Wherever a customer goes, Copywriters finesse the words they're met with to be intriguing, consistent with the brand identity, and action-oriented.

If you need to put the right words on your sales page, social media ad, or brand messaging guide to trigger sales and brand awareness, you probably want a Copywriter by your side.

What about Content Writers?

For starters, they don't try to persuade or encourage readers to take action. Their goal is to educate, entertain, or inform readers while delivering value.

Content is used for growth, so a content writer's role is to create copy that keeps people coming back for more. Content writers implement similar techniques as copywriters to connect with users, and keep the conversation going on why they need a business's product or service.

Content writers recognize that not everyone is ready to buy from or engage with your business right off the bat, and instead focus on building trust. When there's trust, there's loyalty, and with loyalty, you have a plugged-in audience. Content writers' work is usually part of a larger marketing strategy to increase engagement, eventually contributing to sales.

Content writers are also pretty SEO-savvy, and write articles based on hot search terms that align with your business's goals.

If you need a long-form article, white paper, e-book, or a market report to attract your target audience to your business, working with a Content Writer is the right move to make.

Closing thoughts

When considering who to hire, keep your primary goal in mind. If it's to sell, go with a Copywriter. If your goal is to inform, call up a Content Writer.

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